May 23, 2022
Bach, Burritt, and a Video Album
Posted Date: August 04 2015

What is the future of a solo classical recording? Having done a CD not too long ago with both hard and digital media I found it difficult to reach a lot of people, especially in our small percussion/marimba world. So, as I prepare for my next recording I've decided to forgo the idea of a CD pretty much altogether and focus instead on video. Obviously, there is nothing revolutionary about this decision, however, it's possible there won't be a hard media audio version of this project (unless I succumb to my nostalgic past and print a few on vinyl)! In 2015 it seems to be all about YouTube. While I certainly am no stranger to YouTube I'm not sure I predicted that it would completely replace audio CD's. Recording starts on August 10, 2015 at Jessen Hall at the University of Texas. Dr. John Parks will be engineering. Look for a full video recording sometime this fall of J. S. Bach's 5th Cello Suite as well as a few movements from his 6th Suite. The recording will feature the Majestic M8650H as well as my new signature line of marimba mallets from Innovative Percussion.

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